Friday, September 19, 2008

Bloody 'Flu'cked

Yeah, I'm trying to say two things at once through the title of my post today. If you don't get it, I really don't know what you're doing here. If you still think, you haven't been insulted enough, and are willing to stay back (and, probably, have more hot oil shoved down your pants, ; yeah, I'm in a foul mood), you really are welcome. My blog really needs people like you for its readership, 'coz you know, no sensible person ever reads it (yeah, that's more hot oil, down where it burns a lot.). Thanks.

Now, if you are still hanging on, I welcome you to today's post. Now, I'm actually thanking you, in earnest , 'cozI've pissed off, a part of my pissed-offness and you've been good enough to ingest it. That's a real great reader. You need to first let the writer get into the groove, only, then, can you expect to have a nice experience. Though, let me tell you, experiences with me aren't ever going to be nice. They're just going to be experiences. That's it. Don't expect anything more outta me.

Yeah, so you must be wondering, why I'm being so horrible. First, as this blog is pretty new, I'll give you one bite of fact-I am HORRIBLE (I just shouted at you in computer text). But, don't worry, I, generally, ain't this horrible. This is one of those times, when I'm really tickd off by something to become massively worse than I usually am. Now, the reason why I'm in such a bad mood today, is, essentially, the matter of this post.

Well, whew do I start. It's always difficult to make a beginning, but, today, as my mind is already so taken up by a certain amount of rot, I'll use a systematic and kinda scientific (sounds so nice) approach.Here I go.
  • Firstly, I have a host of examinations approaching me, starting with the most notorious of all-Mathematical Physics. It's so damn boring that I just can't help hating it,and so damn important in my course of studies, that I just can't ignore it, and hence more so why I despise it. Then , of course, there is Mechanics, which could have been so well handled, had it not been for the paper of MP.Bad, really bad.
  • Secondly, I have this flu, affecting me so badly that I've missed two days of classes, and also the opportunity to take part in the organisation of a debate at college. I just hate these matters of my unhealthy body interrupting in my learning process. And, of course, it is this damn flu which is the cause of my inability to enjoy the brilliantly wet weather in a place so dry of everything. I'm so stuck in here.

So, these are the reasons for me not being in the best of moods. I really am pissed off for these reasons (and, also a few others, which I do not deem fit and important enough (for the reader), to occupy a place in this post; see, reader, I do ultimately respect you) , but well, I have just made an attempt at trying to get over it. Here, the reader is important, because I believe that the larger the number of readers who read this and get my pissed-offness, and hopefully appreciate my effort in writing this (at this point of time, sitting, with the comp. propped up in front of me and trying to type is actually an effort), the better I will recover. So, do please leave your comments, if you have so, or just leave behind an emoticon in the comment box. Your endeavour to read this will be highly appreciated.

Thanking You,
Yours horribly

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting started

I don't have any idea, why I'm writing this, or why I'm even here, when I've got all the work that I must do. Probably this will make me see some sense in the madness of all that's happenning me. Yeah, let that be the agenda of my fist journal entry here- Finding out where I am-.

Here I go.

I have tests on Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, and I the syllabus is so huge and I have been neglecting it for so long, that I can't any longer deny that I really am in big shit. I've started something but I cant deny that it's nothing compared to what lies beneath all that's accumulated in my time of neglect. Then, there are the Chem. and Math assignments. I hope I will do them. God has given us all hope as a tool to battle all madness. No, I'm not turning religious . It's just faith. Then, above all this, there's the debate thing that I've chosen to do. Atleast, these are all hings that I've chosen to do. So, I ain't sufferring in the real sense of the term, not really enjoying all the load at once. This is my choice too. Actually, I'm just a cribber.

That's not all.

In the back of my mind, I've got the want for a li'l bit of amateur journalism and the guitar. Man, as if I hadn't had enough. Okay, so now I have a list of some of the stuff that's really bothering me . Atleast, I know.

I think I'll just go and study now.

Monday, September 15, 2008